We supplied directly to Fashion Boutiques, Hotels, Residential (home-owners), Retailers, Dealers, Private Labels, etc.

Official Garment Steamer for Singapore Fashion Week (SFW)

iSteamer® is a registered trademark of Steamer Marketing Asia-Pacific

iSteamer® Joint Promotion with Thomson Washing Machine

Introducing the iSteamer® Electronic Pants Presser / Valet Stand iValetpress Model SM-33


Steamer Marketing Asia Pacific
The Only Specialized & Established home-grown Singapore Steamer Co. in this region dealing in Vertical Clothing Steamers, Steam Irons & Steamer related products. iSteamer® has a variety of models available for commercial & residential applications. The iSteamer® is 5 times faster than conventional ironing and wrinkles (creases) become smooth instantly without scorching even the finest fabrics! Hot Vapor Steam Cleaning also eliminates dustmites, bacterias, and viruses from hard surfaces and clothings.

Our range of iSteamer® Vertical Clothing Steamers are recognized & endorsed by the Singapore Fashion Industry, Residential Homeowners, etc. Numerous rave Editorial features and articles have been written by the Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) in the Straits Times, Berita Harian, Lian He Zao Bao; as well as by Mediacorp Press (TODAY); and reputable Fashion & Interior magazines.

Our motto is "We only make Steamers... So we make them Better than the Rest!"

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